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Birth To 12 Months

Do not allow your baby to sleep at night with a bottle in his or her mouth.


New Jersey tap water does not contain fluoride, a mineral which makes teeth



A fluoride supplement is started at 6 months of age, when first teeth

  frequently begin to appear.


The bottom front two teeth are usually the first to erupt.

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12 To 24 Months

Brush your baby’s teeth with a soft, baby toothbrush twice a day.


Use a toothpaste without fluoride, since your child is not able to spit out the

  toothpaste yet.


Limit juice intake to no more than 4 ounces per day.


Eliminate the pacifier and try to minimize finger sucking. This will help prevent

  changing the shape of your child’s mouth.


Switch from bottles to cups.


Start finding a dentist for your child.

24 Months And Older

Encourage your child to brush their own teeth twice a day. Repeat the

  brushing with them afterward to ensure good technique. Most kids need

  assistance until age 7.


You can switch to toothpaste with fluoride once your child is able to spit.


Fluoride supplementation will increase to 0.5 mg at age 3 and to 1.0 mg at

  age 6.


Continue to limit juice, soda, ice tea, sport drinks, and snacks with high starch

  or refined sugar content.


Begin making appointments twice a year with your dentist.

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